Sample Residence  right, back & left sides:

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  Outside corner at right side trim is executed wrong. This corner board should have been cut at the transition and then carried on giving the corner board the same step as the siding takes here.
 Caulking between window and door on right side. Not really executed with care or concern of the outcome. The profile of the window frame is lost.
  No head flashing installed over the door frame leaving signs of leaking already. Siding panels agianst door frame should also be caulked. 
  Trim execution questionable as being an acceptable  local building practice. Profile of the trim will show bowing even though the installer thought the caulking would cover it up.
  Caulk detail in back @ window is very sloppy and will      most likely leak.
 Outside corner @ back right trim butt joints are rather rough and filled with caulk rather than cutting the proper length.
  Many nails in this 1 foot square with one only half into the wood. Above window over the deck.
 Back deck damaged by sawsall use.
Left Side:
Left Side Nails breaking through panel edges from angle nailing too close to groove.
  Damaged seam left in this condition.
 Grooves left and right of center are the width the seam in middle should be.
  Caulking that didn't quite fill the space and wet sawdust left on wall and stuck to caulk.
  Panel on the left is set upon the Z metal (not good)  although the panel on right does not set the same this inconsistency encompasses the whole house.

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