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"The Recognized Experts in Lap & Panel Siding Inspections"TM 

Launched by the public out cry of disapproval over Louisiana-Pacific's treatment of  homeowners in the Portland area  in  1995............

Siding Solutions, Inc. grew out of that consumer need for an unbiased, third party evaluation of the condition of their homes exterior siding. The Company's principal owners spent several days down town at the court house in Portland, Oregon collecting the court documents as fast as they became public record.

Finally sense could be made of the "inspection protocol" laid out in the Settlement Agreement. Siding Solutions, Inc. developed their field inspection forms and final siding inspection report format.

Since then both formats have been much improved and we feel that with our format and methodologies, we can provide, with consistent redundancy,  an  accurate, concise evaluation of  most of the composite siding products of the past decade.

Thirty  years in the construction trades, ten of those years sub-contracting and general contracting  in  the Pacific Northwest. Seven of those years were spent installing composite sidings of all kinds, giving Siding Solutions, Inc.©  owners an experienced edge in the siding inspection business.

As time goes by more and more composite sidings are going bad. The staff at Siding Solutions, Inc. are continully researching and educating themselves and others about all of these existing and  new products on the market. We are dedicated to help homeowners, multi-family dwelling owners, lenders, and Real Estate professionals.

We are continually expanding our inspection services to include all types of siding, installation certification, installation variance investigation, construction design defects and water intrusion issues.

Certified Construction Inspections for draw requests are also offered.

If you are interested in any of our services please call on us at the number below.

"The Recognized Experts in Lap & Panel Siding Inspections"
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PO BOX 80609
Portland, Oregon 97280
Phone: (503) 244-6610  Fax: (503) 452-0653
our e-mail address:office@sidingsolutions.com

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