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CertainTeed plant sold to Plycem / Elementia

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Elementia Announces Acquisition of CertainTeed's Fiber cement siding division

December 19, 2013 – (Houston, TX)Elementia, a Mexican consortium of leading industrial and construction companies, which include the manufacturing of fiber cement roofing and siding products, announced its acquisition of the fiber cement division of CertainTeed Corporation, one of the major manufacturers of construction materials in the United States. The new brand, which will be called Allura, will fall as a subsidiary of Plycem USA Inc, under the Elementia Group umbrella, which has been manufacturing fiber cement, concrete and metals in the building industry for over 75 years.



The Composition of Allura Siding: The products are manufactured using a multi-step high-pressure process combining Portland cement,
fly ash, wood fiber and specialty additives. Wood grains and other architectural features are pressed into the surface.




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