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For Homeowners outside the Portland Vancouver Metropolitan Area
Siding Solutions, Inc.TM is proud to announce their new service outside the Portland -Vancouver Metropolitan Area
Installation Certification Service
Our experienced inspectors are happy to travel to your home within a 200 mile radius to watch over the installation of your new siding.

         We will provide two certificates, one for your records and another for your Siding
                   Contractor's records. Cost to the Homeowner:  $450.00* Base Price

The inspector will contact your residing company before the job begins to inform them that you the homeowner has been hired by you  to watch over the job to be sure the siding is installed properly and what he intends to watch for.
The inspector will then make his first visit at the beginning of the job to talk to the crew and inform them of what he expects and give them any information they may need.
He will then visit for a second time at the middle of the job to make sure everything is going along fine, if not the inspector will point out what he sees that is not correct to the crew and inform them what needs to be done to remedy.
When he gets back to the office he will send a fax to the Siding Company amd inform the management  of his findings.
The inspector will then visit at the end of the job to make sure it was all done properly and to see if a Certificate can be issued.  If not, you will be informed of any problems.  You can refuse payment to the contracted siding company until all problems are fixed.
If everything has been done properly Certificates of Proper Installation will be issued. And you the Homeowner can have peace of mind that you have properly installed siding with warranty  intact.
If you have any consequent damage to the siding due to the failure of the siding itself under warranty, you will have proof that it was installed properly.
 *This price is for three visits.However if the home is very large this may result in the necessity of more than three visits .

*For each trip a  $5O.00 mileage charge will be added .
    *For each additional visit a  $55.00 charge will be added .
      * Extensive projects are negotiated on a case by case basis.

For multi-family dwellings please call our office: 503-244-6610


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