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The Sample Residence

Portland, Oregon

Inspection for Proper Installation of Western Red Cedar Bevel Siding
Cedar Lap in front and Cedar panels on the other 3 sides

                     Front of house                                              Explanation

These corners are an example of a seam that has been over caulked. One might think that after painting it would not be visible but when this much caulk is applied it shows a texture difference that is quite noticable. 
Front windows left of entry. Sloppy caulking job has taken the profile of the window frame away.  Board # 4 from top is already bowing from incorrect nailing, as is top board. This quality of workmanship is unacceptable and should be corrected prior to signing off as done and payable.

Caulk covers all the boards  left of door jamb.Although alot of caulk is in a little area another photo coming up will show more detail as to the problem here.. 

 Right of front door jamb: 
 At the lower middle of the screen is a broken and not repaired corner trim piece.All damages done while executing repairs need to be repaired at the expense of the contractor and done in his most professional manner so as to be apoligizing to the homeowner for breaking it. Remember you did it!
Over garage door in front a ripped piece should have been cut and put at topor as was done on other walls of this house a 1" x 2" trim board  Also the seams are good, approximately 1/6" - 1/8"  but the caulk is smeared over a 1 inch area. 
see below'

 Over garage door on first level these seams in the bevel siding are good. We have to wonder why so much misdirected caulk here.

Rake wall in fronthas an inaccurate angle cut at the rake wall over entry. Pieces that contact the roof surface will absorb water and deteriorate at an accelerated pace.The other complaint here involves acceptable workmanship that can distract from the first impression of each persons castle.

  At front windows left of entry this split board is  the other end of the board in photo # 2, board 
#  4.Also here is another example of the over     abundance of caulk applied has deformed the  window profile.

Lots of caulk on these boards but NOT in the seam against front entry light. This photo and explaination relate to photo labeled # 3. 
Even when your fingers and eye brows are covered in caulk the seams that need it and your being payed to do is missing in the verticle seam.

 Ceiling at the front entry above the door:  The corner board is too long and is pushing the cieling up.Triming this area and caulking would have been the correct way of dealing with this if the corner board could not be removed and cut to proper length.

Right Side:   To views this next set  of  photos click here:  Right Side


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